ISP Manager Addon

Our partners at ISPSystem have developed the integration for Spam Experts in ISPManager Pro, allowing you to add and remove domains to a Spam Experts appliance or Hosted Cloud account.

System requirements

  • A Spam Experts Local Cloud appliance; or
  • A Spam Experts Hosted Cloud account with the Super Admin API activated (Requires action)
  • A ISPManager Pro server with Super Admin access


In order to install the addon, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ISPManager Pro interface with your Super Admin account
  2. Go to Server Settings> Plug-Ins
  3. Click the Install button in the top-right corner
  4. The list of available addons will show. Select the Spam Experts module
  5. Click the Install button again
  6. Read the warning, tick the checkbox and click Next
  7. Depending on your current installed plugins, there might be some requirements (JSON, IDNA::PunyCode).
    The plugin system will detect this and ask you whether you'd like to install them. Click Next. The installation of these modules might take some time to complete.

  8. After the installation, the Spam Experts feature plug-in will be available in the sidebar

    You may be required to reload the page for it to show up.

Usage Instructions

You can manage the domain's protection status using the Spam Experts feature in the sidebar.

Removal Instructions

If you want to remove the addon again, you can uninstall this from the Server Settings> Plug-ins overview.


This integration is developed by ISPSystems. Any issues you are experiencing with it should be reported to them.

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