Outlook Addon

You can report spam (.msg format) that was not correctly blocked by our filtering systems via Outlook using Spam Experts' free Outlook email client addon.

64-bit Office has been available since 2010. If you have 64-bit Windows, you probably have 64-bit Office. In order for the addon to work, install the correct version that matches your Outlook version.

For Outlook 2007 you must use the 32-bit version.

Check your Office version

  1. Open any Office application e.g. Excel, Word etc.
  2. Select File > Account
  3. Then select About (Product)
  4. The version information is displayed along with other details relating to the Office suite.

Install the Outlook Addon

  1. Download the relevant .ZIP file according to your Office version
    • The download consists of 2 files: a setup.exe and an installation.msi file.
  2. If you get any errors relating to a newer version of a dependancy installed on the workstation, simply run the .msi file directly

  3. Unzip the file to a temporary location
  4. Run the extracted .msi file
  5. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or 7, you should run the file with administrator privileges. To do this, right click on the downloaded icon and choose Run as Administrator

  6. When you have reached the Setup Wizard, click Next on the first page
  7. If the installer reports missing requirements needed to run the .msi file, quit the installation and run the setup.exe file
  8. The .exe file includes a copy of Net Framework 4 and relevant runtime files

    • The install location is displayed, use the default settings
  9. If you would like this addon to be available for your user account only, choose Just for me, otherwise select For Everyone and then click Next
  10. The Disk Cost button shows you the disk space availability on the PC
  11. Click Next to proceed to confirm the installation
  12. Once installed, restart Microsoft Outlook, the addon will be visible in the ribbon
  13. If you are unable to see the addon after installation, go to Options, then check to see if the Report Spam option is added as a COM. If not, you can go to COM Add-Ins, select Report Spam and click OK

To Report Spam Using the Outlook Addon

Select the message that you wish to report and click on the Report Spam button.

The message will then be reported and moved to the Deleted Items folder.