LDAP Mailbox Sync

LDAP Mailbox Sync allows you to configure a connection to your LDAP server to synchronise mailboxes rather than use automatic mailbox discovery, Microsoft 365 Sync, or or manual configuration; synchronisation will also manages any aliases that are configured.

If you have a non-standard LDAP configuration, you can also configure how your local attributes are mapped into the filter mailboxes and aliases on the "Mapping" tab.

Once LDAP Mailbox Sync is configured, the mailboxes are listed in the Mailboxes Overview/Configuration page.

When using LDAP Mailbox Sync, there is no need to add or remove email users on Spam Experts manually as they will be added and removed automatically when the sync runs. The LDAP mailbox synchronization system also has an attribute that can be copied from the LDAP server which indicates if the mailbox is a distribution list.

Prerequisites for Using LDAP Synchronization

  • The LDAP server must allow logging in with either a username in the format user@ldap.demo-domain.invalid and password or a Domain Name and password
    • There must be an LDAP attribute that uniquely identifies the user either with or without the domain. For example:
      • sAMAccountName: test
      • userPrincipalName: user@ldap.demo-domain.invalid
  • When users have multiple email addresses they must always use the primary email address stored on the LDAP server to access Spam Experts

    Using any other email address will not allow access to Spam Experts