View Message Content

The content of a message cannot always be viewed in Spam Experts. Only certain message statuses (including Queued and Quarantined messages) and Archived messages can be viewed.

  1. Open the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search page
  2. Locate the message you want to view using the query rules
  3. If the message is in the Archive, or is an applicable status (including Queued and Quarantined messages), the Subject of the message will display as a link; click this to open the Mail preview window
  4. The subject is available to open only for messages that are in the quarantine, queue or archive. If a message is not reviewable, the subject will not be available to open.

    • The Normal tab shows the message details and content in HTML format
    • The Plain tab shows the message details and content in Plain text
    • The Raw tab, shows the raw message data including message headers

To see the reason why the message has been classified as it has, open the Raw tab and look for the X-SpamExperts-Class and X-SpamExperts-Evidence lines, e.g.:

The 'class' and 'evidence' lines will display the X-hostedBrandName-class/evidence as configured in yourBranding Management page.