Clear Callout Cache - Incoming

This does not make any changes to issues relating to filtering accuracy/message classifications or routing of messages. Do not use this option unless there is a specific reason to do so.

In the Clear callout cache pages you can manually clear the domain’s callout cache. The Clear Callout Cache - Incoming page is specific to incoming filtering. This page should only be used to expedite the automated clearing of the cache as detailed in the What are recipient callouts > Existing Recipients page. This tool is especially useful after changing the domain routes to resolve incorrect good/bad responses from the recipients mail server to recipient callouts.

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, select Continuity > Clear Callout Cache - Incoming
  2. To clear the callout cache for the domain, click on Clear

Local Cloud

When logged in as a Super-Admin user, this option becomes Clear whole callout cache, which allows you to clear the callout cache for all domains

  1. In the Super-Admin Level Control panel, select Continuity > Clear callout cache - Incoming
  2. To clear the callout cache for all domains, click on Clear

To clear the outgoing Callout cache see Clear Callout Cache - Outgoing.