Manage Outbound Lock Notification Templates

When an outgoing user or identity is automatically locked, they can no longer relay mail through the outbound filter and an email notification is sent to the Admin user.

In the Lock templates page, as the Admin user, you can assign a specific lock template that will be applied to the email notification that is sent to you (or your Sub-admin(s)) when an outgoing user/identity is automatically locked.

You can add a new template manually or you can import templates from a CSV file.

Manually Add Lock Template

  1. Login to Spam Experts as an Admin Level user
  2. Navigate to Reporting > Lock Notification Templates
  3. There are two tabs available:
    • Admin - As an admin user, you can create your own custom template that will be sent to you when an identity/outgoing user is automatically locked
    • Defaults - Displays all existing default templates
  4. In the Admin tab, click on + Add lock template to open the Add a new lock template dialog
  5. In the Template Name field, enter the name of the template
  6. If the Admin has custom branding, the option to Include Standard Branding will be available to select or deselect as required

    When enabled, the brand logo or name will be added to the top of the generated message. If this is disabled, the email will be white-labeled, unless you choose to incorporate personal branding within the template.

  7. Select the Admin user you want to apply the template to (the logged in Admin is displayed by default but any sub-admins that you have created under you are listed here too)
  8. Using the dropdown Language box, select the language the report is in

    Please be aware, selecting a language here does not change the language of the report, this simply marks the report as being in this language.

  9. Enter the Subject of the email lock notification
  10. In the HTML tab, add the HTML version of the email to be sent out
  11. or

  12. In the Plain tab, enter the plain text body of the email
  13. In the Body and HTML body fields, you can use the variables listed on the right. These variables will be replaced with the relevant content when the email is sent.

  14. Click Save

To make things easier when creating a new template, copy an existing template and change as required.