Add an Outgoing User

  1. When logged in to the Super-Admin, Admin and Domain Level Control Panel, navigate to Outgoing > Manage Users page
  2. In the Add a user section, choose the type of user you want to add by selecting the relevant tab:
    • Authenticating IP or Range
    • Authenticating User
    • Authenticating Domain

    See Outgoing Users/Authentication Methods for a description of each user type.

  3. Enter the details and click Add & Configure or Add by selecting the arrow beside Add & configure and clicking Add from the menu. If using the Add function, the user/authentication method will be added using the default settings.
  4. At the Admin Level you will be required to enter the domain the user/authentication method is for.

  5. If using the Add & Configure function, set the following user settings as required:
  6. Click Save to ensure you don't lose any changes