Configuring Spam Experts

Step 1: Check your Domain can Communicate with the Google Workspace Mail Servers

To ensure Spam Experts can communicate with the mail server, carry out a Protection status check:

  1. Login to Spam Experts as an Admin Level user
  2. Navigate toGeneral > Domains Overview to display all your domains
  3. Click on the dropdown alongside the domain you want to check
  4. Select Protection status to check the routes you have set:

The Protection status dialog should display connection details. If connection failed, a series of 'Connection timed out' responses are displayed.

Step 2: Set the Outgoing User

  1. When logged in to the Domain level Control Panel, click on Outgoing > Manage users
  2. In the Add a user panel, choose Authenticating Domain
  3. Enter the details and click on Add or Add & Configure (by selecting the arrow beside Add and clicking Add & Configure)

    If just selecting Add here, configuration can be done after adding by:

    1. Clicking the arrow to the left of the user once added
    2. Select Edit

  4. Configure the user settings as required:
  5. Ensure the Re-authentication permitted option is ticked

  6. Click Save to ensure you don't lose any changes

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