Cisco IOS Based Router Configuration

Hosted Cloud

Replace IP's with Spam Experts delivery IP's which can be found here:

Local Cloud

  1. Create an object called Spam Experts in configuration mode
  2. Add the hosts of the delivery servers
  3. Add a firewall rule on the incoming WAN interface with the object

In the example below, we called it acl_wan_in

fw01# configure terminal

fw01(config)# object-group network SpamExperts#


fw01(config)# ip access-list extended ACL_WAN_IN permit tcp object-group SpamExperts host [INSERT WAN IP ADDRESS HERE AND REMOVE BRACKETS] eq smtp

The above assumes that an ACL is applied on the Public WAN interface named ACL_WAN_IN and that the default rule is set to 'deny ip any any' and that you add the permit before the deny.

To add more IPs after initial config you can do the following:

fw01# configure terminal
fw01(config)# object-group network SpamExperts


IPs should be replaced with your clusters delivery IPs

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