Outgoing IP Allow list

Allow listing IP addresses is available for Super-Admin users for Outgoing mail from Outgoing - Protection Settings > IP Allow list.

Adding IP addresses to the Allow list will mean that all mail sent to such IP addresses will be accepted.

Add IP

  1. Click Add IP just below the page description
  2. Fill in the following criteria to add the IP:
    • IP Address
    • Reason

    You may also allow subnets by entering these in the following format:

  3. Tick filtering options to be skipped for the IP address you are adding:
    • Skip connection limit - This refers to the outgoing user limits set when adding an Outgoing User
    • MX/A DNS check skipped
    • Sender validation skipped
    • Skip content checks
  4. Click Save

You may also add multiple IP addresses at once by using the Import IPs from CSV function

Edit and Remove IPs

  1. Click the arrow to the left of the IP addresses, or tick the boxes for multiple IP addresses
  2. You will have three options:
    1. Edit
    2. Remove
    3. Export as .CSV