Start a Trial - Spam Experts Local cloud

The Local Cloud product can be tested on our demo server which is publicly accessible for everyone, as detailed below.

If you want to start a trial for testing real traffic with our Incoming and Outgoing filters or Email Archiving, we recommend to use our Hosted Cloud instead which uses the same filtering technologies / data. To access this please register for the Start a Trial - Spam Experts Hosted cloud which offers 21 days of free access.

Local Cloud demo server

Below you find the access details to the Spam Experts Local Cloud demo server. You can see the control panel, the various branding options, as well as the API help giving an overview of all API calls.

  • Webinterface:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: demo
  • Software API overview: here (same username and password)
  • SpamExperts Control Panel API overview (JSON): here

The publicly accessible demo server should never be used for live traffic as others have access with the same credentials. For live traffic testing please use the Hosted Cloud trial.

Request an invitation to a Live Webinar

Spam Experts offers a live 1-on-1 webinar session on demand for our prospective clients who would like to be given a live demo of our services (Incoming Filtering, Outgoing Filtering, Email Archiving), including features such as: 4-tier GUI, branding options, integration options, API usage and more.

This session will comprise live questions and answers by one of our technical team and/or sales team representatives, and an insight of what our product can do for your business.

Please request your webinar invitation to, or use our contact form, specifying the services you wish to view and speak about.