Getting Started Requirements

Before beginning your setup, please ensure you have all the following information and access at hand.


  • Log in credentials for Mail Assure
  • A full list of domains you wish to add
  • A full list of mailboxes to be added per domain, including the mailbox types (distribution List, shared mailboxes, or regular) and whether the mailbox should be filtered for spam.
  • Outgoing user/Authentication method details (username and password or authenticating IP/range or authenticating domain name and password)
  • Access to DNS, with permissions to update the SPF and MX records
  • Access to your firewall, with permissions to adjust the IP address Allow list or Block list
  • Access to your local mail server to configure the SMTP Smarthost (e.g. Exchange, M365, G-Suite or other)


  • A list of domain aliases to be added to the primary domains
  • A list of mailbox aliases to be added to the primary mailboxes
  • A list of people that should have admin or domain access (to enable you to add sub admins, Technicians or domain users)