Integrations and Addons

Below are the details required to configure the use of any of our addons, Control Panel API access is required by enabling Allow Control Panel API Usage from the Manage Admin Users page.

Hosted Cloud

The API credentials will be your admin email address & password used to login to your client area (or relevant sub-admin).

The configuration details for our Hosted Cloud are:

  • Control Panel URL - (or your own hostname in case you have whitelabel)
  • API Hostname -
  • API Username - your Spam Experts admin email address, used to log in to the Spam Experts web interface
  • API Password - the Spam Experts web interface password set earlier for

If you do not have Private Label/Branding on the Hosted Cloud solution or if your Custom MX records are not setup, you can use the following hostnames:

  • Primary MX -
  • Secondary MX -
  • Third MX -

Once configured, the addon is ready to use.

Local Cloud

The configuration details needed for the Local Cloud product are:

  • Control Panel URL - https://primary.hostname
  • API Hostname - primary.hostname
  • API Username - your Admin Username
  • The API Username should be a user with access to the Control Panel API, such as an Administrator. You should not use a Super-Admin or Software API user.

  • API Password - the password you've set earlier for the above user

We recommend you carry out the following steps:

  1. Add an Admin account via the web interface or API for each integrating server
  2. Transfer the domains to each Admin - this is required only if the domains are not already assigned to the Admin accounts
  3. Use the Admin accounts to manage your domains

Once you have everything configured, you can start using the addon.

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