Searching and Restoring from the Archive

If you need to restore an email from your Archive, it is recommended that you use the Search facility in Archiving > Search - incoming/outgoing the query rules in here work the same as described in Using the Log Search.

  1. Select Archiving > Search - incoming or outgoing
  2. The query rule In archive will already be set to yes
  3. Use the + New rule to add search criteria to search for specific messages
  4. Click Show results, all matching archived messages will be listed below
  5. If you want to preview the message, click in the Subject column to open the message in the Mail preview page.

    Archive users are able to preview every email in the delivery logs. Non-Archive users will only be able to preview quarantined emails.

  6. Click on the dropdown to the left of the message and select:

    • Redeliver to redeliver the message to your mailbox
    • Download to download the individual message to your computer