Release Quarantined Messages

  1. In the Admin Level Control Panel, select Incoming > Quarantine, in the Domain Level Control Panel, select Incoming > Spam Quarantine, or at the Email Level Control Panel, select Protection > Spam Quarantine
  2. Click on the dropdown to the left of the message and select Release from Quarantine
  3. If you want to release multiple messages, place a tick in the box to the left of each message and, from the --select action-- dropdown at the bottom of the page, select Release from Quarantine
  4. Click Apply
  5. The message(s) will be released from the quarantine and delivery will be attempted to the intended recipient(s).

Messages may be rejected by the destination server due to the known spam characteristics of the messages being released. You must ensure the inbound setup has been completed to bypass all filtering from the Spam Experts IP addresses to avoid this issue. See Getting Started with Incoming Filtering

You can also Release or Release and train messages from the Mail preview page. See View Message Content.

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