Manage Email Users

In the Admin Level or Domain Level Control Panel, click on Users & Permissions > Manage email users.

The Manage Email users page is displayed.

In this page you can carry out the following tasks:

  • Add - Add an email user
  • Upload CSV file - add multiple users by uploading a CSV file

The dropdown alongside each Email user provides the following options:

  • Edit - Edit the Email user
  • Delete - Delete the Email user
  • Login as user - Log into the system as this Email user
  • Enforce 2FA - Enforce 2FA for this Email user

    Spam Experts uses application based multi-factor authentication.

Edit Users

When editing the Email user, you can:

  • Change the Username
  • Reset a Password
  • Change the Status of the user between
    • Active - The user will be able to login to use Spam Experts
    • Inactive - The user will not be able to login to use Spam Experts

Ensure you Save any changes made during the editing process

Reset a Password

  1. Log in to Spam Experts
  2. Navigate to Users & Permissions and open the Manage Email Users page
  3. Find the email user who requires a password reset
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to the left of the user and select Edit
  5. Enter and confirm the new password
  6. Save the changes

Lock/Unlock accounts

If an Email user has multiple failed login attempts, their IP address will become Locked and so blocked from accessing the Control Panel.

To unlock the Email user:

  1. Find the account that is Locked
  2. Click Unlock
  3. Confirm you wish to unlock all IP addresses for this user account