Kerio (GFI KerioConnect)

To correctly utilize GFI KerioConnect integration with Spam Experts, ensure the below steps are followed:

  1. Ensure the IP address is added as an Authorized Smarthost (without authentication)
  2. Ensure the Outgoing User has Enable Outgoing Connection Limits: ON
  3. Be sure that the correct limits are set matching your traffic volumes per Month, Week, Day, Hour and Minute
  4. Update your Kerio configuration:
    1. Login to your Kerio Connect admin interface
    2. Expand the Configuration section
    3. Click on SMTP Server, and then the SMTP Delivery tab
    4. Select the use relay SMTP server radio button
    5. Relay server hostname: SMARTHOST
    6. SMARTHOST should be replaced with your SMTP hostname

    7. Relay server port: 587
    8. Be sure Relay server requires authentication is NOT checked
    9. Select the Use SSL/TLS if supported by remote SMTP server checkbox