Outgoing Filtering and Protection settings

The outgoing filtering solution operates independently from the incoming email solution and is used to relay outgoing mail.

Outgoing mail filtering includes several aspects that require attention:

  1. Firewall Usage
    1. Outgoing Port 25 Spam Filtering at Network Level
    2. IPv6 Support
  2. Outgoing Default Domain Settings
  3. Add Multiple Outgoing Users/Authentication Methods
  4. Global Statistics
  5. SMTP Authentication Block list/Brute-force Block list
  6. Outgoing IP Block list
  7. Outgoing IP Allow list
  8. Outgoing Allow list Filtering Rules
    1. View Outgoing Allow list Filtering Rules
    2. Add an Outgoing Allow list Filtering Rule
  9. Configure Outgoing Delivery IP (Local Cloud Only)
  10. Outgoing License Size