Local Cloud Product Cancellation/Uninstallation

Cancellation procedure

All steps described here apply only to the Local Cloud filtering service.

To cancel the product you have to complete a few steps, as follows:

Cancel the product

First cancel the product in our customer portal. Our billing department will receive the request, and will accept (or deny) it depending on whether the cancellation terms have been met.

At this point, you should keep your servers online and reachable for our System Administrators to properly remove the product.


In all cases, the Spam Experts System Administrators should be able to uninstall our software from your servers. For this, your servers have to be online and reachable.

The uninstallation is done quickly and will remove all the installed applications and data.

After the uninstallation, we will turn the servers off and let you know when this is done. Please note that as long as we’re unable to uninstall the servers, the contract cannot be canceled.