Where are the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud Data Centers?

The Spam Experts Hosted Cloud ensures a globally redundant email security platform by replicating data across more than one data center.

Data Center Locations

The following data center locations are currently used for our global email filtering:

Global (recommended):

  • USA: Multiple states
  • EU: Multiple countries


  • USA: At least 2 states


  • EU: At least 2 countries

The following locations are currently offered for archive storage:

  • EU (Germany): 2 copies in separate data centers for redundancy
  • USA: 2 copies in separate datacenters for redundancy

As the platform scales, we regularly add/remove (minimum ISO 27001 compliancy for EU, or SOC 1 type II for US) data centers, to ensure optimal global email routing and redundancy. IP addresses of servers used are listed as part of the delivery.antispamcloud.com hostname (or can be found at https://uptime.n-able.com/). The IP allows you to trace their specific data center location.