Create a Custom Control Panel URL

It is possible to create a Custom hostname (URL) for your partners to go to to log to Spam Experts, which will also be displayed in Protection Reports.

  1. First you must add your custom hostname to Spam Experts:
    1. Login to Spam Experts as an Admin Level user
    2. Navigate to Branding > Branding Management
    3. In the Hostname field, enter the custom hostname (URL) your users will browse to to access Spam Experts

      For example login.demo-domain.invalid

    4. Save the changes
  2. Once done, you must create a CNAME in your DNS for this custom hostname and point it to the master hostname e.g. :

    login.demo-domain.invalid. CNAME

    In specific DNS configurations, utilizing the term login may suffice, rather than the entire domain (login.demo-domain.invalid). Please check your DNS configuration if this is the case for your setup.

Once you have made these changes, your users will browse to login.demo-domain.invalid in their web browser and enter their login credentials as usual. They will then be automatically redirected to, but will see login.demo-domain.invalid in the address bar.

To avoid any potential warnings, upload a SSL certificate for your host.