RoundCube Integration

Spam Experts customers can report emails as spam or not spam directly from their RoundCube webmail account by employing the MarkAsJunk2 plugin. Please note this integration is not maintained by Spam Experts, please let us know if you have further documentation improvements.

Install the Plugin

To install the MarkAsJunk2 plugin follow these steps:

  1. Go to the RoundCube plugins folder and download the MarkAsJunk2 plugin.
  2. Edit configuration file - config/config.ini.php
  3. Add the name of the plugin in that file, by using the following example:

$config['plugins'] = array('MarkAsJunk2');

To disable the plugin, just remove that line from the configuration file.

For more information check this wiki page from RoundCube on how to install plugins.

Configure the Plugin with Spam Experts

For the integration to work, you have to properly configure it, as follows:

The first step is to rename the configuration file from "" to ""and open it with your text editor/IDE.

Now you have to enable the email learning driver by editing the "" file. Set the "markasjunk2_learning_driver" option to "email_learn". After that, define the email addresses where spam and legitimate emails marked as spam are reported to.

Spam Experts has two special central reporting email addresses you can use, which will (from the email headers) automatically process the reports related to the user/domain/cluster that processed the emails (this is identified from the email headers).

For reporting spam:

$config['markasjunk2_email_spam'] = '';

For reporting legitimate emails (ham):

$config['markasjunk2_email_ham'] = '';

In the same file you can also specify if the email should be sent as an attachment or what email subject should contain, by using the the following:

$config['markasjunk2_email_attach'] = true;

$config['markasjunk2_email_subject'] = 'RoundCube report (%t)'; *

* “%t” replaces the subject with the type of message (spam/ham)

For more information check the plugin’s GitHub repository.