RoundCube Integration

Configure with Spam Experts

  1. On the RoundCube server, open the RoundCube plugins folder
    1. In Plesk, the RoundCube plugins found can be found at:


  2. Open the file. For example using the following nano command:

    [root@localhost markasjunk]# nano

  3. Once the file is open make the following compulsory changes:
    • Set RoundCube to use the external email functionality to report spam:

      $config['markasjunk_learning_driver'] = 'email_learn';

    • Set the email address to report the spam to:

      $config['markasjunk_email_spam'] = '';

    • Set the email address to report the not spam messages to:

      $config['markasjunk_email_ham'] = '';

    • Send the email as an attachment when reporting it as spam or not spam:

      $config['markasjunk_email_attach'] = true;

  4. Make the optional, but recommended changes, depending on your requirements:
    • Move the message to the junk folder after clicking the 'Spam' button:

      $config['markasjunk_move_spam'] = true;

    • Move the message to the inbox folder after clicking the 'Not Spam' button:

      $config['markasjunk_move_ham'] = true;

    • Set the subject of the spam/not spam report email:

      $config['markasjunk_email_subject'] = 'RoundCube report (%t)';

  5. Save any changes and close the file