Open-Xchange Integration

Open-Xchange App Suite 7.6+

For details on how to integrate Spam Experts on your existing Open-Xchange server, please see here.

Transparent integration

The Spam Experts Local Cloud solution can be transparently integrated with Open-Xchange. This allows you to use the professional antispam filtering of Spam Experts, whilst benefiting from the powerful Open-Xchange frontend. To achieve this, only a few steps are required:

  1. A global Sieve filtering rule should be added to your Open-Xchange setup, which automatically classifies each email with a "X-Recommended-Action: reject" header as spam.
  2. A small workaround can optionally be installed which will report emails classified as spam/not spam in Open-Xchange back to the Spam Experts systems to automatically fine-tune the filtering further

External integration

OpenXchange can provide you with a special Spam Experts 'AntiSpam' function which allows one-click-login access to the Spam Experts control panel directly from Open-Xchange.

Clicking this will bring you directly into your configured Spam Experts Control Panel.

Setting up IMAP folders

To set up the your Spam Experts IMAP folders:

  1. Create a new account by clicking on the E-Mail side option, then click on Accounts > New
  2. Now add the details of you IMAP in the account settings page