Control Panel API

The Spam Experts Control Panel API can only be accessed by customers with Admin Level access.

Using the Control Panel API you can automate the process of adding and removing domains, allowing your customers to use a one-click-login solution or modify the settings of added domains. You can also use this account with our range of addons.

Hosted Cloud

The API username is the email address registered in our customer system or that of specific Admin users who have been granted API access.

The login credentials for can also be used with the Control Panel API.

Local Cloud

Access to the Control Panel API is only available for Super-admin, Admin or Sub-Admin users.

We recommend using Admin or Sub-admin access where possible. The API Usage is only available for domains under the logged in Admin account.

If you cannot log in, use the "Retrieve log-in link" option to set a password.

Our API Documentation contains all API calls that are available for use.