Step 7: Create and configure a subscription

Spam Experts no longer supports CloudBlue integration. This will be deprecated shortly.

Before beginning with the below steps, please ensure you have completed Step 6: Create a customer.

To access the Subscriptions remain on the CloudBlue Billing interface.

Add a Subscription

  1. Navigate to the Operations > Subscriptions in the menu
  2. Click Add new Order
  3. Select the user Account to add the order to, using the magnifying glass Search button
  4. Select the Service Plan to add to the account, using the magnifying glass Search button
  5. Select the Subscription Period for the plan, using the magnifying glass Search button
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Next through the Parameters step, leaving the Domain parameter blank
  8. Review the details and click Place Order
  9. You will now see this on the Subscriptions page, with the Status of Ordered and Service Status of Not Provisioned:


To unsubscribe, navigate to the Customer Control Panel, Login as Customer, select “Spam Experts”, go to the Operations menu and click Uninstall. Only after you have done this, navigate to Subscriptions in the Provider Control Panel, select the subscription and click Unsubscribe.

If you choose not to Uninstall first, the MX Records added to domains by the application will remain attached and cannot be removed manually. They can be disabled, but if you forget to do this and you want them removed, you have to re-subscribe the customer and hit Uninstall.

After completing the above steps, move on to Step 8: Orders.

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