Step 4: Add a service template

Spam Experts no longer supports CloudBlue integration. This will be deprecated shortly.

Before beginning with the below steps, please ensure you have completed Step 3: Create Resources.

To access the Service Templates from the CloudBlue Commerce interface, first open the Products menu > Service Templates page in the sidebar.

Add a new Service Template

  1. Click the button Add New Service Template at the top of the screen
  2. Next, specify the general parameters of the Service Template:
    • Name - The name of the Service Template (ex: SpamExperts)
    • Description - The description of the Service Template (optional)
    • Autoprovisioning - Make sure this is selected
    • Account-Wide Services - Make sure this is selected

  3. Click Next to proceed to the list of Resources Types
  4. Use the Resource text box at the top of the page to display a list of Spam Experts resources

    Where the recommended SE was used as the Spam Experts prefix for the resource name, enter SE* in the text box to display all Spam Experts resources.

  5. Ensure all the Spam Experts resources are ticked then click Next
  6. Specify the template limits and click Next
  7. The SE Application Reference and the SE Context limits must be set to 1, the rest can be Unlimited by default or customised as required.

  8. Click Next to review the resources and limits and Finish

After completing the above steps, move on to Step 5: Add a service plan.

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