Application Counter Types

Spam Experts no longer supports CloudBlue integration. This will be deprecated shortly.

Below are a few common counters that can be added as optional Application Counters when adding Resources.

Product indicator (Incoming, Outgoing and Archiving)

If marked in the Description column as created (set), unlimited or if the limit is greater than 0 (i.e. 1 or greater), the product is considered enabled for the customer and their domains.

If it is unset or created and the limit is 0 in the template then it's disabled.

The usage will tell you if these products are actually available in your Spam Expertss account.

Domains (Incoming, Outgoing and Archiving)

Track or restrict the number of Incoming, Outgoing and Archiving domains that have a specific product enabled.

Create counters for these as follows:

  • Incoming domains
  • Outgoing domains
  • Archiving domains

The limit value should be an integer, the minimum is 1 (1 domain), and 0 means unlimited. The Control Panel domain limit is set and updated according to the domain limit set in CloudBlue for the Spam Experts Domain resource.

Private Label/Premium Private Label

Setting Private Label/Premium Private Label allows different levels of access to Branding Management in Spam Experts.

This counter has different limit rules:

  • 0 (disabled): Any sub-admins created do not have the ability to set up custom branding in Spam Experts
  • 1 (standard): Only the first level of sub-admins created have access to set up custom branding in Spam Experts. Any lower level admin users, do not have this access
  • 2 (premium): All sub-admins created have access to set up custom branding in Spam Experts

Control Panel Access (Domain and Email user)

By default, customers can click the Login button for a Protected resource, and be logged into the respective domain/email user account directly in the Spam Experts Control Panel. To disable this button, create the respective counter and set it to 0 in the template.

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