Domain Level Settings

In the Domain Level Control Panel, the Settings page displays in place of the Domain Settings page.

The Settings page is separated into several sections containing the relevant settings.


The General section of the Settings page contains the following settings:

  • Email - The contact email address for notifications specific to this domain
  • Sender address - The sender address used when sending notifications specific to this domain
  • Language - The default language for this domain

Log Retention

This section only contains one setting:

  • Log Retention - Enter the number of days you wish to retain logging data for all messages

Security Restrictions

For full details on TLS see Enforce Outgoing TLS Encryption.

Blind Copy Messages

The blind copy messages settings will not be displayed until you enable this within the section.

Once selected, the following settings are available for configuration:

  • Blind copy destination - All messages received for the nominated mailboxes will have a copy of the message sent - without the recipients knowledge - to this address
  • Copy messages to these mailboxes - Nominate mailboxes to have copies of received messages sent to the Bind Copy Destination


The advanced setting section contains only one setting:

  • Maximum days to retry delivery - This setting dictates after how many days a final delivery attempt is made. If the final delivery attempt is unsuccessful, a delivery failure notification is sent to the envelope sender and the message is removed from the delivery queue.

Training and Development

Training and development allows configuration of training messages. In this section you can configure:

  • Additional training - If this setting is enabled, spam and non-spam messages for which training would be beneficial will be stored in a "Training Requested" IMAP folder.
    • Days - Provide the number of days to store "Training requested" messages in the IMAP folder
  • Priority increase for training - If you are 100% sure that users at this domain are correctly training messages every time, you can increase the weight of the training process for this domain.
  • Raising this weight will increase the importance of user training as a general filtering factor, thus altering the filtering results. Some automated secondary review processes for messages will be postponed when using this option, meaning that training will have an impact more quickly.

    Use this setting with caution.