Troubleshoot Messages in the Incoming Delivery Queue

If there are messages stored in the incoming queue there will always be a (temporary) error when delivering to the destination server. To investigate the issue:

  1. Verify you have set the correct destination route (also ensure there are not multiple destination routes specified, normally there should just be one route), see Manage Destinations
  2. Check the logs on your destination server to investigate why delivery attempts are not being accepted
  3. Run a telnet test to check the response of your destination mailserver. There are two ways you can do this:
    1. From the Message Queue by selecting Telnet SMTP Test from the dropdown alongside any of the queued messages, this takes you to the Network Tools page
    2. Directly from the Continuity > Network Tools page and selecting the SMTP tab (see the Telnet tips in the right panel)
  4. If after following these steps you still have an issue, please contact support providing a sample sender/recipient/date/message ID for investigation