Get Started with Incoming

The Incoming Filtering service on the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud can be started by purchasing our product, or by beginning a free trial.


To log in to the Spam Experts Control Panel you need to either:

  1. Go to directly in your browser
  2. Or

  3. Browse to in your web browser
    1. Open Client Area and log in
    2. Navigate to My Products from the left panel
    3. Select your Hosted Cloud product
    4. Click on Login to Control Panel

After you are successfully logged in, the Spam Experts Dashboard is displayed with links to all available features.

Add domain

To add a domain, see Add a Domain.

If you do not have a specific destination server route to add from the start, the Control Panel will automatically fill in the destination route for you, with a default destination port 25.

Configure MX records

After setting the destination route, you need to add our MX Records in your domain DNS Settings, in order to point to the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud routes. See Hosted Cloud MX Records.

After you have changed your MX records, these can be checked using any online MX checker tool.

If you continue to receive spam messages, please see What should I do when I receive spam? or contact our dedicated support team.

For more information on getting started with Spam Experts, see the Quick Start Help.