Exim - Direct Admin Configuration

Hosted Cloud

To configure Exim to only allow email from the filter servers for certain domains, you can do the following:

  1. Create the file /etc/virtual/spamexperts_incoming_domains
  2. Add the domains that use Spam Experts to this file (one per line)
  3. Add the following line in the domainlist part of the config
  4. domainlist spamexperts_domains =    lsearch;/etc/virtual/spamexperts_incoming_domains

  5. Set the following in the RCPT ACL
  6. defer
    domains = +spamexperts_domains
    !hosts = delivery.antispamcloud.com : localhost
    message = Please deliver mail to the address specified in the MX records for this domain.

  7. Save
  8. Restart Exim

Local Cloud

For local cloud users, replace delivery.antispamcloud.com with your servers hostnames separated by ':'.