Scheduled Reports

In the Schedule Reports page you can view and run all scheduled reports. When you choose to run a report it is made available to download from the Print Warehouse. See Print Warehouse.

  1. Click on a report to view the schedule details:
  2. From the Report name dropdown select the report you want to run.
  3. In the Frequency dropdown select the frequency that you want this report to run (choose from daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly).
  4. Select the customer on which you want this report to run from the Specific customer dropdown. This customer's users are then listed in the Specific user dropdown.
  5. From the Specific user dropdown select the user you want this report to run on.
  6. In the Recipient field enter the email address of the recipient of the report, once run.
  7. Select the report format from the Format dropdown (PDF or HTML).