Service Desk Integration Setup Screens

Now that you have finished the Remote Management Dashboard Integration Setup a series of Service Desk screens are displayed enabling further integration:

  1. In the Step One - Choose your Service Desk website name dialog, enter a name to create your own Service Desk URL and click on Install Service Desk now
  2. Once the URL is configured, Service Desk verifies the RMM installation and creates your Service Desk application. As part of this process Service Desk automatically imports RMM settings including all configured reseller (Staff Agent User) and client Dashboard users (Customer Users), in addition to existing Clients, Sites, Servers and Workstations.

    Although all user accounts are transferred from the Dashboard to Service Desk, only the account belonging to the user setting up the integration is marked as linked (active) in Service Desk. The credentials of this user are used to access Service Desk once the integration is set up and additional users can be linked (activated) via Service Desk - Settings - Integration - Remote Management & Monitoring. See Activating Staff Agents

    Note - It is important to ensure that your chosen URL matches the Service Desk naming convention you wish to use going forward, as any changes may require a complete removal and reinstall of Service Desk.

    Note - There is the facility to set up and use your own custom URL to access Service Desk.

  3. If you want to import data from AutoTask, select the Import from AutoTask option and see Importing from AutoTask for details.
  4. Once the installation is complete you can log directly into Service Desk: Click Login to Service Desk (or click Return to RM to return to the Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard).