Roles and Permissions

Set up Staff Agent access at various levels using Roles and Permissions. This allows for more control of different agent types - and the functions that they can perform within the system based on the role assigned to them.

An example MSP using Service Desk may want to have a role for each of the following Staff Agent types:

  • Company owner
  • Technical staff
  • Sales staff
  • Administration staff

When you assign a role to a Staff Agent you can customise access permissions to suit the user's specific needs by extending access to additional parts of the system and restricting access to specific customers. The Staff Agent will then only be able to access the system as the assigned role and permissions dictate - as a result, this affects what pages are available to the user when logging in.

Note - Existing non-admin Staff Agents imported from RMM will retain their access permissions and queue access but will have no role assigned to them - details are displayed in the Edit Agent page (you can add a role in the same page if you want to) - see Creating Staff Agents. SuperAdmin users in RMM will automatically be assigned the Admin role on import into Service Desk - this automatically gives them access to all system areas and Ticket Queues.