Service Desk provides a broad range of reporting capabilities, allowing you to output reports to a graphical/tabular display and, depending on the report type, in either CSV, XLSX, PDF or HTML format - on any chosen date range within your history of using Service Desk.

The following table shows in which formats reports are currently available:

Dashboard Reports
Ticket Closure Report a a    
SLA Breach Report a a    
Tickets by Asset Report a a    
Tickets by Customer Report a a    
Opportunities Report a a    
Staff Agent Activity Report a a    
Ticket Reports        
Revenue Reports        
Customer Summary Report     a  
Report Builder Reports
Time Log Report a a a  
Cost Entries Report a a a  
Customer Assets Report a a a  
Tickets Report a a a  
Ticket Volume Report a a a  
Ticket Queues Report a a a  
Customers Report a a a  
Sites Report a a a  
Staff Report a a a  
Users Report a a a  
Scheduled Reports       a

To access Reports, click on the reporting icon in the Navigation panel:

The Reporting pages are displayed:

The Reporting navigation panel contains the following sections:

  • Dashboard Reports - Reporting dashboard with range of useful, display-only, graphical and/or tabular reports
  • Report Builder - Build, customise, schedule and output the reports you need
  • Recently Saved Reports - A list of the 10 most recently saved reports from the Report Builder (reports listed here are system-wide and not just those of the logged in user)