Remote Management Dashboard Integration Setup

Now that the API Key has been created, the next step is to set up the integration between Remote Management & Monitoring and Service Desk:

  1. In the Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard go to Settings - PSA Integration - Setup:
  2. The Setup PSA dialog is displayed.

  3. From the Step1: PSA Product dialog, select Service Desk from the product drop-down and click Next to proceed.
  4. From the Step10: Confirm Setup dialog, click Finish.
  5. This command not only sends the API Key to Service Desk but also opens up its portal to continue the integration setup in a series of setup screens.

    Note - Where the API Key was not generated prior to starting the integration process the setup will stop and prompt for the token to be created. If this is the case please exit out of the dialog and navigate to Settings - General Settings - API to Generate the API Key. Once complete return to Settings - PSA Integration - Setup to restart the process.