Service Desk Quick Start Guide

MSP Service Desk is a centralised customer service solution which provides a super-efficient all-encompassing support request facility. It also provides excellent reporting facilities helping you to improve response and resolution times.

This guide describes how to get MSP Service Desk up and running as quickly and easily as possible so that you and your customers can benefit from a streamlined support service.

Instructions cover how you as a Staff Agent can set things up at the MSP Remote Management & Monitoring end and also in MSP Service Desk itself. You are also instructed on how your customers' end-users can benefit from using the Self-serve User Portal to log and track tickets and access Knowledge Base articles.

In order to get started with MSP Service Desk you need to carry out the following tasks:

  • Service Desk Integration and Configuration in the Remote Management & Monitoring application - Remote Management users with appropriate access rights can perform the integration and configuration required between Remote Management and the Service Desk application. Part of this integration involves the import of existing Staff Agents, customers, sites and assets into Service Desk. See Remote Management Configuration.
  • Tailor configuration settings in Service Desk itself - Configure the Service Desk setup allowing Staff Agents to create, respond to, monitor and manage tickets raised by their customers and internal staff. See Service Desk Configuration.
  • If your customers want web access to self-serve ticket logging and monitoring and Knowledge Base articles, you can set up the Self-serve User Portal for them - See Self-serve User Portal.

This guide also covers how to start using Service Desk with instruction for common tasks. See Service Desk Features.

Finally, understand how your customer end-users can access the Self-serve User Portal; whether they need to How Portal End-users Register and how they can How Portal End-users Create Tickets and How Portal End-users Track Tickets tickets.