Use the Inventory to record products you hold in stock in order to provide the necessary support for your customers. Your Staff Agents may need to use and bill these whilst on a job at a customer site e.g. USB drive, cable, lead etc.. - a record of these items makes it easier to track stock and bill the customer where necessary.

Note - Inventory items are not to be confused with Assets - Assets are supported customer devices e.g. workstations, servers, printer etc. (which are automatically imported into Service Desk from RMM during integration and can be imported manually, see Importing Customers, Assets and Users

To add an item to the Inventory

  1. Go to Settings - Products and Invoicing - Inventory.
  2. Click on the New Product button.
  3. Enter a code and name for the new item in the Code and Name fields.
  4. Optionally enter the cost, number of items in stock and any notes in the Cost, Stock and Notes fields.
  5. Click Save to add the item to the Inventory.