Managing Tickets

Once a ticket has been raised and is in Service Desk you can manage the ticket using a variety of functions:

In the Tickets screen, click on the ticket you want to respond to. The ticket is displayed:

The following information, options and actions are available:

Option/Field/Button Description
Reply Jumps down to the Reply form
Open Ticket Status - click to change
On hold
Options dropdown:
View History Displays ticket history
Convert to site visit

Converts the ticket to a site visit. As a result:

  • All in-flight SLAs will be removed from the ticket
  • The ticket will no longer be listed in the Self-serve User Portal
Delete Deletes the ticket
Export dropdown:
As PDF Creates PDF of ticket
As PDF (without internal notes) Creates PDF of ticket without internal notes
Statement of work Creates a statement of work
Ticket description

Click on the edit icon to edit and format the description text.

Manage Tasks You can add and remove tasks assigned to the ticket
Reply tab
content field Enter any response text here (and format if required)
Response options Email template - the response template used for this ticket
Email CC - Email addresses of cc recipient(s)
Attachment - Add attachment
  Use response to create knowledge base article
  Email user response - send email to end user with this response content
Send response

When clicked, immediately sends content of Reply field, by email, to the user who raised the ticket. Using the dropdown, you can also choose to send the response and, at the same time, change the ticket status. Options available are:

  • Send and close ticket
  • Send and set to hold
  • Send and delete ticket
Internal note (private) tab Use the field to add text that won't be displayed to the end-user. Click on the Add note button to add the text.
Responses tab Lists all responses made to the ticket.
Time tracking tab Allows you to add a time entry to the ticket
Costs tab Displays all cost entries added to the ticket and allows you to add new and edit existing. You can also add a billable inventory item to the ticket.
Associated Assets tab Allows you to associate one or more assets to the ticket. The 'Take Control' button is available for 'Workstation' (not 'Server') assets which have been imported from Remote Management & Monitoring.
Stats tab Displays response statistics: Staff member, Response time and Response date
Notes tab Displays customer notes from the Customer - Notes tab of a selected customer
Contacts tab Displays User (end-user) and Customer Contact information if available
Time-tracking panel (top right)
Start timer

Click to start the timer for billable time tracking.

Note - Remember to stop the timer when you have finished working on the ticket in this session (the timer does not stop automatically when you move away from a ticket or open another ticket).
Add time entry Allows you to manually add a time entry
Information panel (right of screen)
Assigned to The Staff Agent that the ticket is assigned to - click to change
Status The ticket status (open, hold, closed, deleted) - click to change
Sub status The ticket sub status - click to change
Priority The ticket priority (query, low, medium, high, urgent) - click to change
Ticket queue The ticket queue the ticket is assigned to - click to change
Customer The customer that the ticket is raised for
Source The source of the ticket e.g. Staff (Staff Agent), User (from Self-serve User Portal) etc.