Installation Settings

The Installation Settings page allows you to configure a variety of system behavioural settings.

  1. Go to Settings - General Settings - Installation Settings.
  2. Configure as necessary using the following fields/options:
  3. Field/Option Description
    General Options
    Auto-close tickets If enabled, tickets will automatically be updated to a status of closed after a set period if there are no user responses.
    Notify on closure

    If enabled, when a ticket is updated to CLOSED via the quick edit dropdown on ticket listings, the customer end-user will be notified of a ticket closure.

    Note - The Staff Agent assigned to the ticket will not receive this notification.

    Enable Twitter integration Enables Twitter functionality both in the staff pages and the Self-serve User Portal.
    Installation email address

    The system administrator's email address which will be used for default emails that do not relate to a Ticket Queue. For example:

    • Forgotten password emails are sent to this address.
    • When the action selected when an SLA is breached is 'Notify administrator' this is the email address which is used - see Creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    Timezone The Timezone used by the system
    Date format The date format
    Default language The default language
    Force SSL/HTTPS connections Choose whether or not to enforce SSL/HTTPS connections to the Staff Pages and the Self-serve User Portal. If enabled, this will redirect all users over a SSL connection to ensure data is encrypted.
    Two-factor authentication

    Choose from

    • Disabled
    • Optional - If enabled, staff may configure their account with Google authenticator where an authentication key generated by the application is required on login.
    • Required - If enabled, Staff Agents will be required to set up two-factor authentication if they have not already done so.
    Ticket creation
    Require user login If enabled, portal users will need to log in before they can submit a ticket. If disabled, the ticket submission form will be publicly available.
    Ticket priority Allow Self-serve User Portal users to select the ticket priority. If disabled, all user-submitted tickets will default to medium.
    Ticket creation CAPTCHA If enabled, users who submit tickets from the Self-serve User Portal will be required to enter a captcha to help prevent spam. This does not apply to staff ticket creation.
    Enabled features
    User registration When enabled, allows end users to register new accounts from the Self-serve User Portal. If disabled, existing account holders will still be able to log in.
    User Knowledge Base Enable the Knowledge Base functionality on the Self-serve User Portal.
    Search engine indexing

    If disabled, search engines will exclude the Self-serve User Portal from their index.

  4. Once you are happy with your options, click on Save changes.