Creating a Site Visit

You can effectively plan and manage your field service activities with the Site Visit Schedule.You can create site visit tickets with the site location information, date and duration. This information can also by fed into a calendar so that you can get a clear overview of staff site visits, scheduling and availability at any time.

  1. Click on the New dropdown in your installation header and select New site visit:
  2. The New site visit page opens:

  3. Enter the required information:
  4. Option Description
    Starts on Select the date and time of the scheduled visit. This will create a ticket for this site visit on the selected date.
    Create now Selecting this will create a ticket for the site visit immediately (and will display the Ticket page as soon as you click Create site visit.
    Duration The planned duration of the visit. Accepted formats: 130m, 2h 10m or 2:10.

    Enter the address of the site visit.

    Note - The Search for location tool, searches addresses entered on previous site visift records.

    Summary Enter a summary description of the scheduled site visit .
    Details Enter site visit details.
    Customer Choose the customer to visit
    Assigned to Assign the appropriate Staff Agent .
    Ticket queue Choose in which queue to place this ticket.
    Task templates You can associate a Task Template to a site visit (for example, an office move)
  5. Click on Create site visit. The calendar with the new site visit added is displayed.