Tasks and Task Templates

The Task Templates facility allows you to create any number of workflow templates for repeatable activities. Service Desk Tasks also supports new task creation within a ticket allowing easy management of scheduled tasks and templates. On top of this, it allows you to create a site visit for a defined project or activity.

The key features for Tasks and Task Workflow Templates include:

  • Create multiple Task Templates for repeatable activities
  • Associate fixed costs for the repeatable activities
  • Easily manage and track the progress of tasks within a ticket
  • Use Task Templates in new tickets and existing tickets easily

Creating a Task Template

  1. Go to Settings - Business Rules - Task Templates to display the Task Templates page.
  2. Click New to create a new template.
  3. In the Title field enter a name for this template.
  4. Enter a description in the Description field.
  5. From the Customer dropdown, select the customer to which this template applies.
  6. Note - You can select either 'All customers' or one particular customer from the list available.
  7. Further down the screen in the Tasks section you can adds tasks to the template. Enter the following task details:
    1. Enter a name for the task in the Title field.
    2. In the Description field, enter a description for the task.
    3. Optionally enter a Cost Summary and Amount if this task is billable.
  8. If you want to add more tasks to the template, click Add and repeat step 6 above.
  9. Click Save to save your template.

Now that you have created your task template - you can now use this when creating tasks within tickets. See Adding Tasks to a Ticket