What's New?

Version 1.2.1

July 2016

  • Two-factor authentication now available when accessing the app. See Accessing the App.
  • You can now enter a custom URL in the domain field when signing in. This allows you to access a sub-domain if set up in the web app. See Branding.
  • Sorting on ticket status now available in Tickets. See View Tickets.

Version 1.2

June 2016

  • Manage customer sites - Customer sites can now be managed from the new Customer - Sites tab - See Sites Tab
  • Add, edit and delete ticket tasks - See Tasks Tab
  • Reschedule site visits - See View Site Visit Schedule
  • Mark as important - Using star feature - extends to site visits, tickets and customers
  • Combined ticket history with ticket responses - You can now enable the ticket history setting which displays the ticket history in the Responses tab for both tickets and site visits. See Settings.
  • Configurable distance units - Choose the tracking distance units you want to use from the new setting in the Settings page (miles or kilometres).
  • Custom startup page - Choose which page you want displayed (Site visits, Tickets, Customers etc..) when logging on from the new startup setting - see Settings
  • Get directions to places of interest around site visits - See Location Tab
  • Enhanced design features and styles - Making it even easier to navigate around the app

Version 1.0.3

March 2016

This new release brings the following enhancement:

  • Response emails - New response setting allows you to enable/disable ticket responses from being emailed to users. See Settings.