Add Time or Distance Entry to a Ticket

  1. Open the relevant ticket to view the ticket details page.
  2. Tap on the tracking icon at the top of the page.
  3. In the Tracking page, tap on the add icon to open the time and distance tracking options.
  4. To add a time entry, tap on Add time. To add a distance entry, tap on Add distance.

Adding a time entry:

  1. Add a description in the Summary field.
  2. Select the rate you want to apply from those available from the Rate applied dropdown.
  3. In the On behalf of field, enter the Staff Agent who spent the time on the ticket.
  4. Enter the Start and End dates and times.
  5. If you want to bill the customer for this time entry, select the Billable option.
  6. Tap on Save when you're finished.

Adding a distance entry:

After tapping on Add distance in the previous, Tracking page, the Add cost page is displayed with the default Distance tracking title added:

  1. In the Quantity field enter the number of miles or kilometres and in the Cost field, enter the cost per mile or kilometre.
  2. Note - The units used for distance tracking, i.e miles or kilometres, is set up in Settings.
  3. Tap on Save when you have finished. The new cost is added to the ticket.