Configure Service Desk mobile settings, including the type of map you want to use, so that you can find locations quickly and easily.

  1. In the bottom navigation panel of the Site Visits, Tickets or Customers landing pages tap on Settings.

The page is divided into the following sections:

Site visit

  • Satellite map - Choose if you want the map to display as a satellite instead of street map
  • Location updates - Sends location data from the device when entering or leaving a site
  • Track travel - Sends location data from your device approximately every 5 mins during business hours
  • Hour limit - Engineers can set the maximum hours for site visits per day. When the limit is exceeded, the total hours is shown in red
  • Distance tracking units - Choose from miles or kilometres


  • Show ticket history - Displays the ticket history in the Responses tab in Tickets and Site Visits
  • Email user responses - Sends an email to the person who submitted the ticket each time a new response is added


  • Start screen - Choose which page is displayed on startup: Site visits, Tickets or Customers - or select Last viewed to see the last page accessed before sign out


  • App introduction - Choose if you want to see the app introduction pages each time you log in
  • Edit profile - Choose your Staff Agent display name, email address and avatar
  • Help and guidance - Opens the Online Help in your browser
  • Legal and privacy - Opens N-able pages with Legal and privacy notices


  • App version - The current app version
  • Signed in as - The signed in user
  • Sign out from Service Desk - Sign out of the app and back to the Sign in page