Accessing the App

  1. The Service Desk mobile app is now available from the iOS App Store. Download here:
  2. Note - iOS 9.0 and above is required.
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and log in using the following credentials:
  4. Field Description
    Username/Password Your Service Desk username and password

    Select the domain which applies e.g.


    Note - You can also enter a custom domain here (if one has been set up as a CNAME sub-domain in the web app (see Branding).

  5. Tap on Sign in.
  6. If you have two-factor authentication enabled in the web app, you will be asked to enter your authentication code. Enter the code and tap on Authenticate.
Important - You will be asked to re-authenticate using your authentication code in the following situations:

- After timeout due to inactivity (as defined in the web app). See Installation Settings.

- If you log in as the same user on another device or the web app

- After the session is closed, you will be asked to re-authenticate with your authentication code.