View Ticket Details

  1. In the Tickets page, tap on the ticket you want to view.
  2. The ticket Details tab is displayed:

    The top navigation bar contains the time Tracker (you can start and stop the timer here). It also houses a menu with the following links:

    • Edit ticket - Edit and add more ticket details. See Edit Ticket.
    • Delete ticket
    • Make site visit - Create a site visit with this ticket. This option is only available if the ticket is not already a site visit ticket.
    • Time tracking - View/add any time entries and associated costs. See Time Tracking.
    • Costs - View/add any cost entries as required
    • Customer notes - View/add any customer notes

    The Tasks tab allows you to view existing and add new tasks relating to this ticket

    The Responses tab allows you to view existing responses for this ticket and add new ones

  3. Tap on if you want to change the ticket status (Open, Hold or Closed) or if you want to close the ticket and add a digital signature.