View Customer Details

In the Customers page, tap on the customer whose details you want to view. The customer's details page opens displaying the default DETAILS tab:

At the top of each of the tabs, the menu contains the following:

  • Edit customer
  • Delete customer
  • Customer notes

The following information is displayed in the DETAILS tab:

  • Customer - Customer name
  • Location - System uses the address of primary contact
  • Owner - Select from customer users
  • Domain - The customer's email domain(s). If you want to add multiple domains, separate each domain with a comma e.g.,
  • State - For example, Prospect, Active etc.
  • Account rep - The customer's account manager
  • Hourly rate - Applied to work done for this customer (if this applies)
  • Contracted hours - The amount of contract hours the customer can use
  • Primary contact details - Name, telephone and email address of primary contact. Use the links to contact the customer directly by phone or email (only available if the contact information has been added in the Contacts Tab).

To edit a customer details, tap on the edit icon. See Edit Customer Details.

For details of the Sites, Contacts and Tickets tabs see:

  • Sites Tab - Lists all sites recorded for the customer - you can add sites here too
  • Contacts Tab - Lists customer contacts and allows you to add and edit as required
  • Tickets Tab - View tickets raised for this customer and access ticket details directly

Use the links at the bottom of the page to contact the customer directly by phone or email (if the information is added to the contact in the Contacts Tab).