Time and Distance Tracking

  1. Open a site visit to view details.
  2. Tap on the stopwatch icon in the top navigation bar:
  3. The Tracking page is displayed:
  4. From these pages you can:

    • Start/finish a new time/distance entry. To start tracking, tap .

    From the top menu you can:

    • Change what tracking features are displayed from the Tracking Style option
    • Add a time entry to the ticket, see Add a Time Entry
    • Add a distance entry
    • View existing time entries attached to the ticket
    • View existing costs attached to the ticket

Tracking Style

By default, the Joint time & distance view is displayed but you can select from the other views available from Tracking style in the top right menu:

  • Separate time and distance - with start/stop buttons for each
  • Time only
  • Distance only