Time Tracking

You can view existing time entries, add a new entry or start tracking time spent on a ticket when in the ticket details page.

From the Tickets page, open the relevant ticket to view the ticket details page.

Start tracking your time:

  1. Tap on the tracker icon in the header bar
  2. The tracking page is displayed. Tap to start tracking your time.
  3. When you are finished, tap to stop the tracker and tap to save the entry.
  4. The Add time page is displayed.
  5. screenshot

  6. Add details as necessary and tap on SAVE in the header bar.

To view time tracking history (including date, time, hours tracked and billable cost):

  1. Tap to display the menu in the header bar and select Time tracking:
  2. All time entries added to the ticket are listed. Tap on an entry to view details.

Add a Time Entry

  1. Tap to display the menu in the header bar and select Time tracking:
  2. Any existing time entries are listed showing total billable cost of all time entries for the ticket:

  3. Tap on the add icon .
  4. The Add time page is displayed with default values:

  5. Enter an appropriate summary for this time entry in the Summary field e.g. Installed server.
  6. Select the rate to apply from those available in the Rate applied dropdown.
  7. In the On behalf of field select the Staff Agent who spent the time on the ticket.
  8. Add a Start and End date and time.
  9. If you want to bill the customer for this time entry select the Billable option.
  10. Tap on SAVE to add the entry to the ticket.